Introducing the Hypixel Tools control panel

Note: This blog post was made for my subdomain made for the Hypixel game server – I've got a few tools on that site used by quite some people.

Hello reader,

As you may have noticed lately, I have added a new section to my site, the control panel!

This section is accessible exclusively for both Hypixel staff members and supporters of my website! If you are a staff member or supporter, then you can register your account here. Be sure to write your API key down somewhere, as you will need it in the progress of registering - Anyone could enter your UUID, but not your API key. It's a simple form of verification :)
I currently offer the following two options:
  • Reset cached skins
  • Shield customization
  • If applicable, access to new websites or services that are being tested 
With the reset cached skins option, you can purge the skin cache for yourself to make sure my website will immediately fetch the most recent skin from your account - this might be useful if you have just changed your skin and don't want to wait before it gets updated on the signatures (it can take up to two weeks!). The shield customization option allows you to choose a different 'shield' emblem that shows up on your signature, making it easier to let others know that you're cool :)

How to get a shield

First things first, you'll need to create an account first, so you can log in and store your preferences. You can create your account here, but keep in mind that only staff members and website supporters are able to register. To become a supporter or read more about it, you can do so here.
After you've signed yourself up for an account, you can log in. If, for whatever reason, you forget your password, you can always reset it at this location.
When logged in, you'll be presented a page similar to the attached screenshot in this post. Click one of the shields or its accompanying radio buttons to select it, and then press the button labeled 'Save'. Congratulations, you have successfully chosen a shield for display on your signatures! Changes will take effect immediately.

Be sure to leave your suggestions for new shields in the comment section below!

As part of the MKOIAWTR* I'd also like to publish my current to-do list here:
  • Make some kind of beta available for DDIYS (so no interface yet)
  • Finish that unannounced small animated stats image that you may have seen in my signature
  • Fix small main statistics text out of image boundaries.
  • Release TKR signature
  • Create a 'normal' Blitz signature.
  • Add a small SkyWars signature
  • Randomize the order of the reviews on the index page.
  • Add a guild signature (with guild stats or members)
  • Add an even smaller main signature (with only the stats located on the left side of the main signature)
  • Signature with Skywars kit levels and possibly cages too?
  • Blitz kits signature (of course something original then)
  • Crazy Walls signature(s)
*Max Korlaar Once In A While Transparency Report

15/12/2015 16:40